Hi everyone,

Now that I am a big sister, Daddy sometimes lets me play on the computer (not as much as I want though).  I am so good with the computer - it was Gulliver that broke two keys off the keyboard, not me [Daddy's note: It's true - it was the dog].  Daddy and I have found lots of great websites on the internet for me and so I got Daddy to put this page on my website because I love these websites and Mummy doesn't know where they are, so now she has no excuse, and also so that my friends can have as much fun on them as I do.  By the way, I love all your websites too.

Boowa and Kwala

This is great - cool stories, fun songs and lots of games for when I am a bit older.  Boowa is a dog and Kwala, well, you'll have to visit and find out.  And there's even a French version as well - I love French songs!  Tête, épaules, genoux, et pied, genoux et pieds...


Something fun for the itty bitty ones.  It certainly is.  Lots of interactive games with bright colours and sounds.  Just what I like.


Ok, so I've not actually played on this website at all, but I've heard that it is fun.

Fisher-Prices Online Games

The first website I was allowed to play on.  Interactive games for all ages (well, up to preschool).  Some stories featuring me too - how clever is that?!?


CBeebies - the BBC just for me!  All of my favourite tv programs in one place!  It's great!  My favourites are Razzledazzle, Boogie Beebies, Teletubbies and Balamory.  So many great songs and videos to watch.


More tv shows!  I love the Teletubbies!


Welcome to Seussville!  Everything you would expect from Dr. Seuss and more.



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